Sunday, August 12, 2012

Resume blogging

I have stopped blogging at this blog for a while due to many reasons. One of them of course is just too lazy and too tired to write. Anyway I want to start writing again and record down what I have been doing on running.

It has been a great year for me until July. I have participated in 2 full marathon at the early part of the year. The night marathon at Energizer Night Marathon and the Standard Chartered Marathon. One with PW (Personal Worst) and the other one with a PB (Personal Best). What a great contrast between the two. I was still half way in my full marathon training program when I participate in the Energizer Night Marathon, so was not fully prepared, and coupled with the event at night, it was such a suffering towards the end of the run. However I'm glad I did it and managed to finish at the end. It was a new and different experience running at night until nearly 2am in the morning.

In Standard Chartered, the condition was quite different. At least I was more prepared. I was also experimenting with a new shoes model from New Balance, called NB Minimus. The shoes is surprising very comfortable and I believe part of my PB performance have something to do with this light weight shoes.

Running continues with slower pace and frequency after that. Partly due to greater work and family commitment.

Until next time, keep running and stay healthy.

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